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What is the difference between a singer and a STAR?

The STAR knows there is a formula for their SUCCESS?

Why do some people get HIGH dollars for their shows, and I play for little…..or worse…… free?

There is a $$$ formula?

Why do I sell so few CD’s at my shows?

You don’t have the SECRETS…..you don’t know the formula?

Why am I still struggling year after year with my music career?


Michelle O’Connell is an award winning singer, songwriter, record producer, concert producer, master performance coach, music industry author and speaker, television host and sought after international master voice coach to the stars!  Michelle got her first record deal at the of age 17, since then she has developed many major stars including Julianne Hough (Footloose, Rock of Ages, Dancing with the Stars) and Mary Elizabeth Winsted (Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World, Live Free or Die Hard), etc.   Michelle has expansive knowledge and experience in performance and pedagogy.  She studied vocal technique independently for years in order to find answers to questions not addressed in the college conservatory, especially concerning contemporary singing styles. As a result, Michelle has developed her own secrets and tools to aid singers master any style in a healthy, free manner. Besides being a successful singer and Master Coach, Michelle is also a certified Life Success Coach.

Michelle is currently sweeping the music business with her  Super Star Formula for Success”™  Wherein just a few coaching sessions she can have you ready for a career of a lifetime in the Music business.  “ A great singer needs the Bells and Whistles, they need the formulas that work for making your voice,  your performance and your staging that of today’s top superstars”.

Do you want to be in the superstar arena?  Do you want to know the secrets only the superstars know?

Michelle O’Connell will teach you how to have the most amazing voice, and an amazing show with the Super Star Formula for Success™


I have the formula!!!!   You can too!!!


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    CONCERT/RECORD PRODUCER Michelle O’Connell has produced CD’s for clients in the Country, Inspirational, Rock, Pop and Easy Listening markets. Q: Want someone to leave your concert wanting more? A: There is a formula.…. Q: Do you know how to take your audience on an emotional journey of song? A: There is a formula …… Q: What is the secret to high-ticket sales? A: There is a formula…